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Wick Addiction 18mg Nic Salts

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A selection of our amazing flavours now in nic salts.

These are all 18mg but vape very smooth so are more suitable for people who are looking for a high nicotine strength but don't want the harsh throat hit. perfect for pod style devices.

Flavour Profiles!

Grape & Pinkberry – A delicious blend of grape and an array of various summer berries.

Minty Menthol - Just like the sugar shell candies with the slightly yielding centre… The fresh peppermint flavour is average in strength without being overstated… A perfect palate cleanser!

Rumango – A profile flaunting the incredible, intense taste of the unrivalled Alphonso mango.

Shocking Citrus – With the sour, acidic taste of lemon and the bitter, acidic taste of lime… This cold citrus profile is sure to wake up your taste buds and zap them back to life.

Strawberry & Caramel Sundae - Envisage a tall sundae glass filled with layers of soft serve vanilla ice cream, chunks of caramel blondie and fresh British strawberries with rivulets of sweet, sticky caramel running throughout… Simply delectable.

Tobacconist – A medium-to-deep profile of cedar, lightly toasted hazelnut and delicate caramel that alternates in intensity throughout makes this… The ULTIMATE tobacco.

Blue – Sweet and sour blue raspberry, low mint and the tiniest bit of aniseed make for this vape to be particularly well-loved.

  • 10ml
  • 50pg/50vg
  • 18mg nicotine salicylate salt