Smoke Free & NHS

Instructions on how to use your Oxva Xlim Kit.

  • Remove pod from device and remove red tab from the bottom of the pod.
  • Pop out the rubber bung on the side of the pod.
  • Fill the pod with E-Liquid and securely replace the rubber bung, leave to stand for 5-10 mins to allow the liquid to saturate the cotton within the coil, otherwise it will burn out on the first use.
  • Put the pod back in the device (will fit in either way).
  • There is no button on this device, its draw activated so simply inhale from the mouth-piece.
  • The light on the side of the device will show as follows, Green = fully charged, Blue = half charged, Red = nearly empty, Flashing red = needs charging.
  • To recharge the devise simply plug the USB-C cable into the bottom of the battery and into the provided USB Wall Plug (Roughly takes 30-40mins to fully recharge). You can still use the device whilst its charging.


A video of how to set up the device is available here.