Deathwish Regenesis RDA 28mm Murdered out
Deathwish Regenesis RDA 28mm Murdered out

Deathwish Regenesis RDA 28mm Murdered out

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The ReGenesis RDA.

The Dual Coil 28mm ReGenesis RDA has a distinctive 2 post design. The Inverted crucifix posts are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The posts ensure the juice flows to the cotton to keep wicking consistent. The posts also have squonk ports at the base, which allows the RDA to be used in squonk mode, using the squonk pin included in the box.

Being 28mm diameter, allows ample room for big beefy coils. We have tested this with up to 4mm ID coils, meaning you can have big chunky flavoursome coils with tonnes of clouds.

The posts are sat raised on a unique dome with a moat. The dome ensures juice flows into the moat along the outer edge of the RDA deck where your cotton sits, whether you drip or squonk, to ensure your cotton is always saturated minimising instances of dry hits and ensuring a perfect vape every time.

The moat holds 3.5ml of juice offering consistent cotton saturation and drastically decreases the chances of spitback. Never waste a drop

The airflow carries on the inverted crucifix aesthetics. The adjustable stepped and directional airflow perfectly aligns with your coils when locked in position, thus giving you an optimal vape based on your airflow preferences when cap is locked in place.

We have included a high-level removable ultem chamber condenser to cater for individuals’ preference. Due to the high position of the chamber, it has no bearing on the airflow coming in, its sole purpose is to reduce the chamber size.